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The Shareholders Structure (as of 31 March 2018)

Share Holder`s Name Ownership (%)
PT Sari Dasa Karsa 67.60%
Bank of Singapore Ltd-2048834001 5.57%
Public (individually less than 5%) 26.83%

Buana Finance Management is comprised of independent professionals with focused and deep experience in the financial industry who demonstrate utmost care in the application of Good Corporate Governance principles in conducting the company’s business affairs.

Sari Dasa Karsa (SDK) as the controlling shareholder was the founding group of Bank Buana Indonesia which was known as one of the reputable banking institutions in Indonesia having a very good business reputation and ranked among a few private banks which successfully overcame the monetary crisis in 1997-1998.

The composition of shareholders of PT Buana Finance, Tbk as per March 31, 2018 are : PT Sari Dasa Karsa (SDK) in the amount of 67.60%, Bank of Singapore Limited-2048834001 in the amount of 5.57%, while the rest comprised of Public individually less than 5%.

The Shareholding structure of PT Sari Dasa Karsa as the majority shareholder of the Company as of March 31, 2018 is as follows :

No Sharehoders Shares Ownership (%)


Karman Tandanu 60,138 25.70
2 Gan Giok Lie 45,740 19.55
3 Sri Muljati Suwito 39,560 16.90
4 Hendra Suryadi 35,100 15.00
5 Siang Hadi Widjaja 32,760 14.00
6 Lukito Winarto 12,278 5.25
7 Sastro Wijatno 8,424 3.60
  Total 234,000 100.00



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