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13 May 2013

Domicile in South Jakarta, Indonesia


The Board of Directors of PT Buana Finance Tbk (here in after referred to as the “Company”) hereby invites all shareholders to attend the Annual and Extraordinary General Meetings of Shareholders   of the Company (the “Meetings”) which will be held on:

Day/Date             : Tuesday / May 28, 2013
Time                    : 14.00 P.M. West Indonesian Time – until adjourned
Place                   : Mercantile Athletic Club – World Trade Center - 18th Floor
Jl. Jend. Sudirman Kav. 31, South Jakarta.

With the following agendas:

Annual General Meeting:
1.    Approval  and ratification  of the Company’s  Annual  Report  for  the year  2012,  including  the Company’s operation report, the supervision report of the Board of Commissioners   and   the Company’s   Financial
Statement  for the year 2012.
2.    Appropriation of the Company’s profits  for the year  2012 and ratification of the distributed interim dividend.
3.    Appointment of the Public Accountant  for financial year of 2013 and other terms of its assignment.
4.    Reappointment of  the  Board of Directors and the changes in the composition of the Company’s Board of
5.    Salaries and benefits approval for the Board of Commissioners and the Board of Directors of the Company.

Extraordinary General Meeting:
Approval to plege of the whole or substantial part of the Company’s assets in order to obtain a loan to be received
by the Company from it’s creditors including banks, financial institutions and/or  community in connection with the issuance of marketable securities in capital market.

1.    The Company will not be sending an invitation letter to shareholders. Therefore this advertisement  serves as an invitation.
2.    Shareholders or their proxy who will attend the Meetings are being required to submit a copy of the personal identity card (KTP) or other proof of identity.
Institutional shareholders  will be required to submit a copy of their Articles of Association along with the latest changes thereto, and a copy of the latest deed of appointment of the Board of Directors and  Commissioners. Those particular  shareholders,  who deposited their shares at the collective depository of the Indonesian Central Securities Depository (KSEI),   will be required to submit original  Written Confirmation issued for the Meetings (KTUR) which has to be shown to the registration officer before entering the venue.
3.    The Shareholders eligible to attend or be represented (by proxy) at the Meetings are those whose names or representatives are recorded in the Company’s Register of Shareholders as at 16.00 P.M. Western Indonesia Time on May 10, 2013 regardless of whether the shares are or are not deposited with the collective depository
of the KSEI.
4.   a.     The shareholders  who  are unable  to  attend  the Meetings  in  person  may be represented  by  other authorized  persons  by  completing  legal  forms  of proxy  or in  such  other  form  of proxy  as may  be determined  by the Board of Directors it being understood  that members  of the Board of Directors, members of Board of Commissioners and employees of the Company shall be allowed to act as proxies of shareholders in the Meeting, eventhough their  votes as shareholders’proxies  shall not be considered toward votes counting.
b.      Blank proxy forms can be obtained on each working day at the Company’s Securities Administration
Bureau  PT.  EDI-Indonesia,  Wisma  SMR 10th Floor, Jl.   Yos Sudarso  Kav.  89 Jakarta     or at the Company’s Corporate Secretary, Plaza Chase 17th floor, Jl. Jend. Sudirman Kav. 21, Jakarta 12920, telephone 021- 520-8066, fax 520 8055 which should be submitted to the Company with attached copy of identity card of both proxy or its authorizer by the latest   on Monday, May 27, 2013 by 16.00 P.M. Western Indonesia Time.
6.    The materials of the Meetings are available at the Company’s office during office hours from the date of this notification until May 27, 2013.
7.    To ensure smooth administration and orderly commencement of  the Meetings, shareholders or their proxies are requested to arrive at the venue by 13.30 A.M. Western Indonesia Time.


Jakarta, May 13, 2013
The Board of Directors of The Company

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