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Buana Finance in Brief

Buana Finance in Brief

The history of PT Buana Finance Tbk. Originated from the establishment of Joint Venture Private Financial institution named PT BBL Leasing Indonesia (Bangkok Bank Leasing) on June 7, 1982. Overtime the Company has evolved in unison with the robust growth of the financing industry in Indonesia. In 2005, the Company changed its name to PT Buana Finance Tbk., and continues strengthening its existence in the Financial Industry with the support of the Founding Group of Bank Buana Indonesia

As one of the pioneering members of the Indonesia Financial Services Association (Asosiasi Perusahaan Pembiayaan Indonesia/APPI), we have been actively involved in the dynamics of the financing industry. We are one of few finance companies in Indonesia, listed as public companies in the Indonesia Stock Exchange since 1990, with main focus in the Leasing segment  and consumer financing (for second-hand cars).

To claim a leading position in the market, we continue to incorporate the latest innovation of the industry, such as those pertaining to information technology. Our current infrastructure is now supported by fully computerized and online information systems throughout all our branches in Indonesia around the clock. With the support of professional human resources, the speed of our services can be relied on to support the fulfillment of Customer’s demands.

Having accumulated 4 (four) decades of business acumen, we position ourselves as a business partner who better understands the demands of Customer’s. Our added value is evident in our sensitivity to respond to the dynamics of our Customer’s need and our sincerity to nurture a long term relationship. All of our business aspiration reflects the Company’s mission and values which are internalized continuously

PT Buana Finance Tbk at a glance as of 31 Desember 2022
Consumer Finance Financial Lease Total Assets  
Rp. 2,05 trillion   Rp. 916,23 billion    Rp. 4,63 trillion  
Total Customers   Total Equity Total Branch Offices  
28.236  Rp. 1,31 trillion



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